8 Home Services (Interior) Business Ideas for beginers on 2019

Operating and running a small business successfully is a tough job. According to a report, about 80% of new businesses close down in the first year. This is a huge failure rate. This should make you even more watchful about the steps you take to establish your startup. One of the reasons for the high rate of failure may be that many entrepreneurs chose a wrong business idea.

Are you planning to start a small business this year? Having that passion about entrepreneurship is not enough: you need to have great business ideas that is in-demand and unique.Your business idea should be different from 100 million others in the market for it to be successful.

Wondering to start a research for your small business idea? Read on to know some great business ideas that you may like to consider. Here are top home services (interior) business ideas for beginers on 2019


house cleaning for business ideas

Description of Job

• Clean, vacuum, and neaten homes or apartments.

• Carry out other services as requested by the client.

• Perform turnover cleaning of rental properties.

The Need

Most of us, unless we live in a hotel (or in a dorm room and don’t care), are responsible for cleaning our house or apartment. At one time, the idea of hiring household staff was something reserved for the wealthiest among us; today, it may be much less of a luxury and much more of a necessity. In a two-job family, who has the time to clean the house?

For a stay-at-home mother or father with young kids, who has time for anything but the most basic cleanup tasks? Scheduled or on-demand housecleaning services are very popular in residential areas where one or more family members have jobs outside the home. Additional opportunities exist in tourist areas, where houses and apartments must be cleaned after each rental.


Not all houses are the same; not everyone’s idea of minimal orderliness is identical; and few people have exactly the same definition of cleanliness. The biggest challenge is to have a written agreement that specifies exactly what services you will perform, as well as your expectations from the client.

Standard services include vacuuming all carpeted areas, washing kitchen and bathroom floors, dusting, cleaning of kitchen cooking surfaces, sanitizing of bathrooms, and general neatening. The sort of work that is ordinarily beyond basic services includes jobs such as polishing silver, washing window exteriors, and cleanup after parties.

In most cases, you will be working within an occupied home or apartment and trusted not to steal or damage valuable items. You may be given a set of keys or the code for a burglar alarm and must safeguard them. You will need legal protection against liability and may want to seek bonding.

You may be asked to provide references. You may have to work while your client is in the home or apartment; think carefully before accepting a job where you do not feel personally safe. If you build your company to include additional employees, you should seek references from them and check for criminal records; any problems they cause will become your problems. Your attorney or insurance agent may recommend that you have your employees bonded as a reassurance to your clients.

How to Get Started

Advertise in the local newspaper and in shopping guides. Put a business card at the supermarket, and, if you have access to the bulletin boards at any companies, leave your card there as well. In tourist areas leave your business card and references with real estate or rental agencies.

Rug Cleaner

Rug Cleaner for busniess ideas

Description of Job

• Clean carpets using professional equipment.

• Use specialized tools and chemicals for expert attention to problematic stains.

The Need

Even with frequent vacuuming, rugs and carpets get dirty. If you have children and pets, they get even dirtier. Although some home centers rent out portable rug cleaners, they are generally the equivalent of a snow shovel in a world of high-powered plows and snowblowers. The best way to get a seriously dirty carpet clean is with professional cleaning equipment and solutions.


You must learn to master the use of professional extraction systems and gain a realistic understanding of their capabilities and limitations. Before committing to a job,make sure you carefully inspect the carpet; make note of any existing stains or damage, and make certain your contract agreement with the client does not promise more than you can reasonably expect to deliver.

Take extra care with especially valuable rugs. Oriental, Persian, or antique carpets may need to be hand-cleaned, or they may need to be processed by specialists. You may be able to act as an agent for another company for that sort of job, collecting a commission.

Make sure that your contract agreement limits your liability for damage to valuable rugs. You will probably have to move furniture as part of the cleaning process; again, take care not to accept liability for expensive antiques and collectibles ask the client to remove them from the room.

How to Get

Started Place flyers and business cards at home centers,hardware stores,and community centers. Make your services known to area interior decorators and housecleaning services. Contact real estate agents who might be in a position to recommend your services to someone who is selling or buying a house and to clients who rent their house to others. You should also place ads in newspapers and shopping guides.

Interior Decorator

Interior Decorator for business ideas

Description of Job

• Draw plans to decorate a client’s home or office with attention to style, quality, and budget.

• Meet with designers, contractors, and suppliers to draw up specifications. • Oversee purchases, renovations, and installation.

The Need

Somewhere in the mind’s eye of most of us is a vision of the house beautiful and the office spectacular. Yet relatively few of us have the background, the training, or the time to create a handsome environment all at once. An interior decorator can redo an entire house or a single room.

A new baby may be on the way, or a spare bedroom may be due to make the transition to a home office. Companies need to have attractive spaces for conferences, meetings with customers, and showrooms for products.


There is no license required to hang out a shingle as an interior decorator. Instead, you’ll have to demonstrate your abilities through examples of plans you have drawn or work you have accomplished. In addition to a good sense of design and color, you’ll need to be knowledgeable about construction, fabrics, styles of furniture, lighting systems, and flooring.

In most cases you will be called on to interpret your client’s needs and wants; you’ll rarely be given a blank sheet of paper and an unlimited budget. You’ll have to be able to work in a variety of styles, from antiques and reproductions to commercial and industrial to ultramodern.

How to Get Started

Post flyers and ads at community centers and retail stores. Furniture and home supply centers may allow you to advertise your services in their stores if you promise to direct some of your customers to them. Contact area contractors.

They may want to have a model home decorated and in return would allow you to promote your service there, and they may be willing to give your name to any client who asks for a designer. Offer a commission or bonus for work they send your way. Ask friends and acquaintances to recommend your services; offer a bonus or discount on future jobs for any business they direct to you.

Do the same with satisfied customers. Create a portfolio of jobs you have completed; obtain permission from clients to take photos for the portfolio or for a web site. (You don’t have to identify the names and addresses of clients if they prefer anonymity.)

Furniture Stripping

Furniture Stripping for business ideas

Description of Job

• Clean valuable old furniture.

• Use chemicals to strip furniture of one or more old coats of paint, varnish, or other finishes.

• Prepare furniture for application of new finish.

The Need

Family heirlooms, an old favorite chair, or just a change in decor—sometimes it makes eminent sense to strip an old varnish, shellac, or paint finish from a stillusable piece of wooden furniture. Once the piece has been brought as close as possible to its original raw wood state, it can be restained and refinished. The process can result in a rejuvenation of a valuable old piece at much less cost than buying a new piece.


This is not rocket science, but furniture stripping involves a great deal of handson dirty work and the use of caustic and toxic chemicals. You have to work within local, state, and federal regulations on the use and disposal of chemicals and waste materials.

Communicate clearly with your clients to make sure that they have reasonable expectations about the final product. Some finishes can be completely removed, and others cannot. Some modern finishes, including certain polyurethane and acrylic products, are difficult if not impossible to strip.

There are also some environmentally safe stripping solutions that don’t require special handling or disposal; depending on the finish being removed,they may be as effective as harsh chemicals. Use chemically impervious gloves, eye protection, and protective clothing in your shop; make sure there is adequate ventilation to remove fumes.

Make sure your contract with the customer limits your liability for damage or loss of the furniture; don’t accept a very valuable antique or an irreplaceable heirloom if your financial exposure is too high.

How to Get Started

Advertise your availability at home centers,community centers,and retail stores. Make your services known to interior decorators, auction houses, and used furniture dealers. Place ads in newspapers and shoppers. Ask satisfied customers to recommend you to friends and acquaintances; offer a bonus or discount for new business they send your way.

Furniture Repair

Furniture Repair for business ideas

Description of Job

• Repair broken pieces of furniture.

• Make minor fixes to torn upholstery.

The Need

Things break, and upholstery tears, but a major piece of furniture, a valued heirloom, or merely a favorite couch may be worth repairing to save the cost of buying a new piece.


The two principal challenges are deciding whether a broken piece of furniture can be repaired and whether the repair makes economic sense. If the total cost of removal of the item, labor, parts, and return of the piece is appreciably less than the price of a new one, you have business to perform.

Be especially careful if you are working on an heirloom or antique; don’t accept a job you are not capable of doing properly, and don’t accept liability for an item of extraordinary value.

How to Get Started

Advertise your availability at community centers, home and houseware stores, and antique stores.

Closet Organizer

Closet Organizer for business ideas

Description of Job

• Clean up and organize the chaos and clutter of clients’closets.

• Design closet and storage systems to make the most of available space.

The Need

There has to be a special place in heaven for the well organized. Everybody else has to get in a messy line.

Most people are relatively careful about what they put on display in the places visitors can see, but their private spaces behind closet doors may be disasters; or they may be quite disposed to perfect organization but limited by available space.

A professional closet organizer uses planning, furniture, and hardware to come to a home and convert the clutter and disarray of a closet or storage space in the bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom into an efficient, workable area.


Your job is to organize your client’s possessions not to pass judgment on what you find. Unless your client specifically asks you to make recommendations on items to be thrown out (or donated to charity), sometimes your job is to fit 12 pounds of stuff into a 10-pound box. Take special care if you are asked to organize collectibles or other items of great value; your agreement should limit any liability if you are asked to handle such items.

Bookcase and Shelfbuilder

Bookcase and Shelfbuilder

Description of Job

• Produce customized bookcases and shelving units to meet the needs of your client.

• Adapt published plans for bookcases and shelving using a client’s specifications and choices of wood and stain.

The Need

Few interior architectural touches are more impressive than built-in or customized bookcases or shelving in a personal library,den,or family room. There’s a big and obvious difference between a store-bought bookshelf and one that has been built exactly to the specifications of a particular space.


A customized piece of furniture requires the ability to perform finishing work, several steps beyond a stack of boards separated by cinder blocks. You’ll need to be able to work with bevels, curves, and joints and add a high-quality stain and finish or paint job.

Some jobs will require working with unusual and expensive types of wood, which may call for unusual woodworking methods and can eat up profits very quickly in the event of an error during construction.

How to Get Started

Post flyers and ads at community centers, retail stores, and home decorating stores. Place ads in newspapers and shopping guides.

Make your services known to contractors and architects; you can pay them a commission for work they refer your way, or they may hire you to do the work and bill their clients directly. Create a portfolio of work you have produced; it can also be displayed on a web site. You can also promote your services at craft and holiday fairs. Offer to teach a class at a community school to garner publicity and perhaps some clients.

Indoor Plant Care

Indoor Plant Care

Description of Job

• Water, feed, and tend to live plants in offices, stores, malls, lobbies, and private homes.

• Inspect a client’s premises and make recommendations for the purchase of greenery.

• Install new plants, or change plants or flowers for seasonal or holiday displays.

The Need

Indoor plants can beautify almost any space in offices, stores, lobbies, and public areas; they’re also a graceful addition to homes and apartments. Yet relatively few of us have a green thumb . . . or the time and inclination to tend to plants in our places of business or homes.

The basic services of an indoor plant specialist include care,feeding,and maintenance of plants on a regularly scheduled basis. You can also offer to design new plantings, providing installation only or making seasonal and holiday changes.


You’ll need to be, or become, an expert on all sorts of indoor plants; there are many books and web sites that can help you.

Although you may be quite able to tend to a plant that lives in a greenhouse or a protected corner of your home,your clients (or more precisely, the plants of your clients) will exist in a threatening world: They may not receive proper light or temperature conditions, and they likely will be subject to accidental or intentional abuse from visitors. Among the challenges you’ll be called on to deal with are these:

• Matching plants to the available lighting in an office,public place,or home

• Managing proper watering and fertilizing schedules

• Dealing with plant diseases and insect infestations

• Repairing damage caused by visitors who touch or cut plants

You should also be aware of which plants are poisonous if eaten by children or pets. For installations in a doctor’s office, you might want to submit a list of plants unlikely to activate allergies for approval by the medical staff.

How to Get Started

Post ads and flyers at greenhouses,garden supply stores,and home supply stores. Place ads in area newspapers and shopping guides. Ask friends and relatives to spread the word about your availability; offer a bonus to clients who refer new business to you.

Contact the reception desk, office manager, and maintenance departments of large businesses in your area and offer your services. Send letters to the office managers of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals in your area. Do the same with managers of area restaurants.

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